black and white


“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” – Michael Jordan
I am still in the category.. wish to happen.. I feel like I don’t do enough, I don’t try hard enough.
I am giving up so easily, I doubt all the time. Something happens in my life and I stop, one bad word and I am two stops behind.
I got better, I think I can say now I am not bad, but I am not good yet. There is so much to learn, to do, to gain and I am standing here in the middle of the New York City and I can’t move. I feel like I am stuck. I am in this stagnation. I need some inspirations, ideas, mentors.
And holidays are coming, in days like these I see how much I am effected by absence of my family. I miss them, and being apart from them really makes me sad.. Which influence my life here.. I can’t really enjoy it. But in Poland i could never do what I am doing here. Crazy Paradox.
Am I really so complicated or I just made that up and life is pretty easy, I just make it look harder than it is?

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