See you next year.


I had an amazing vacation in Poland. I spent plenty of time with my family and friends. It was great to see all these people, chat, laugh, be together and feel like we’ve never been apart. I really missed all of them and it felt absolutely fantastic to catch up. Some people I haven’t seen for years got married and had kids and some people I see every year had nothing change in their life, but it was great to be able to find out all of it from talking face to face not from Facebook.

The most important matter was to finally see my brother’s third son Franek. He is the happiest, cutest baby on Earth! We all went to the lake and spent two wonderful weeks! The weather was good, the lake beautiful, and the beer cold, kind of. You can’t ask for more.

As always in moments like these you want to make up for lost time. You think you can make up all the birthday parties you didn’t attend, empty spots at the Christmas table, and all the random moments that happen everyday and you weren’t part of. But you can’t do it. In the same time you enjoy every minute with your family and regret that you missed so much and you have to leave again. At the airport you see the same situation that everyone is going through; tears, last hugs and the same sentence repeated over and over , “See you next year”.

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