2012.22.Poland.Film.Color.35.1 (10 of 12)

2012.22.Poland.Film.Color.35.1 (11 of 12)

Have you ever tried to tell someone your dream but there was no words to describe it?

Like, whatever you said it didn’t make sense, but you remember your dream so well and you can see it so clear in your head.

That’s how my feelings are.

They are there. I can feel them, but when I try to explain them there is no words to do that.

Words can’t reflect what I feel. I don’t know what can. Stories, sometimes…

I think that’s why I photograph. I search for these stories, for these moments which will reflect my feelings.

And when I see them they are so clear and obvious. And I can’t believe I couldn’t get it before.

The only problem is that it takes time.

And what happens when you don’t have it?

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