Fun in Central Park

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2014.018.PalmersDorota Micali_post2014.018.PalmersDorota Micali_post-22014.018.PalmersDorota Micali_post-42014.018.PalmersDorota Micali_post-52014.018.PalmersDorota Micali_post-32014.018.PalmersDorota Micali_post-72014.018.PalmersDorota Micali_post-92014.018.PalmersDorota Micali_post-102014.018.PalmersDorota Micali_post-112014.018.PalmersDorota Micali_post-82014.018.PalmersDorota Micali_post-132014.018.PalmersDorota Micali_post-14

The beauty of my job is that I smile a lot during it. First when I photograph family time in the park. Then when I edit pictures and I see all those happy faces and beautiful moments I was able to capture. And then in the end when I receive emails with all those kind words from my happy clients. Wait. They are not my clients, they’re my friends. After every photo shoot I feel like I gained new friend. I mean, what can be a better job than that?


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