Roll over..

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Max_Reese_dorota_micali_photo_SMALL-14Max_Reese_dorota_micali_photo_SMALL-4Max_Reese_dorota_micali_photo_SMALL-1  Max_Reese_dorota_micali_photo_SMALL-18Max_Reese_dorota_micali_photo_SMALL-20 Max_Reese_dorota_micali_photo_SMALL-21 Max_Reese_dorota_micali_photo_SMALL-28 Max_Reese_dorota_micali_photo_SMALL-30 Max_Reese_dorota_micali_photo_SMALL-32 Max_Reese_dorota_micali_photo_SMALL-52Max_Reese_dorota_micali_photo_SMALL-53Max_Reese_dorota_micali_photo_SMALL-40Max_Reese_dorota_micali_photo_SMALL-45Max_Reese_dorota_micali_photo_SMALL-8Max_Reese_dorota_micali_photo_SMALL-55

I love this family! So much fun hanging out with them. I mean “work”, work with them;)

Every time I see them I have great time, great pictures and tones of laughs!

Even though daddy wasn’t feeling to well he gave some good smiles for camera, mama look gorges as always.

And Max is a big boy and a big brother now. He is getting more and more handsome every year…And his little sister! What a cute! Don’t you just wanna eat her? I do:)

As I said, I love “Work Sundays” like that.

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