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Chaos, craziness, tears, laughs, and lots of love. That’s what I call life with newborn. And this little girl gets extra points for giving us so many laughs!



























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I’m a fond of harsh, sunset light, so is Teo and his brown, huge eyes:D

And I absolutely love when during these 5 calm minutes during day they hug and play together…



Happy Birthday Esme!

baby, birthday, Brooklyn, family, kids, new york, personal, portret

4-up on 5-26-15 at 10.18 PM (compiled)4-up on 10-27-15 at 12.08 PM #5 (compiled)4-up on 8-20-15 at 5.04 PM #5 (compiled)4-up on 9-12-15 at 4.11 PM (compiled)4-up on 9-2-15 at 4.24 PM #5 (compiled)4-up on 1-5-16 at 4.33 PM #9 (compiled)4-up on 1-5-16 at 4.43 PM #5 (compiled)4-up on 1-20-16 at 3.29 PM #9 (compiled)4-up on 1-11-16 at 3.55 PM (compiled)4-up on 1-11-16 at 3.57 PM #13 (compiled)4-up on 2-9-16 at 3.30 PM #9 (compiled)4-up on 5-21-16 at 10.19 AM (compiled)4-up on 4-10-16 at 9.48 AM #9 (compiled)Esme has been with us for a year now! What a journey! She gives us so much joy and laughs! I love how stubborn and nervous she is. I love how fearless she is, how she follows her big brother, how she fights him and plays with him. I love how curious and adventures she is.  She has more teeth than hair, and she wakes up at 6 am everyday, but everyday she welcomes us with big smile on her face. I love you Esmeralda Liliana Micali!


PS. Please be aware. These pictures are not edited. They are raw life. On most of them I was before shower or two days after it;)

Happy Birthday Cecilia!

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Three; it’s the magic number.

Ceceilia, Jimmy and Teo have known each other almost since day one, three years ago. They spend rainy days and sunny days together. Their moms and I go through the good times and bad times. During motherhood’s hard times when you need someone you can trust and be honest with, we have each other. I can’t imagine the last three intense years of my life without them. I’m truly grateful for having them in my life.

These pictures are documentation of a fun time celebrating Ceceilia’s third birthday. They are also a record of three friends which have shared their young lives together and who are the basis of a special bond between three moms.

Simple moments

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It can be really hard… really, really hard…

Sleepless nights, lots of crying, whining, and screaming (on both sides:))

Days full of “NO!” . Nights full of “Whahhh”

Constant testing, checking my limits.

No break, no eating time, no coffee time…no me-time.

But, then there is this quite moment, when we lay in bed, we sing for the hundredth time “wheels on the bus” and he gives me a hug and whispers to my ear “I love you mommy”.

And there, I’m melting, I’m crying, I’m smiling, all at once.

The love, the gratitude, the happiness in this simple moment is almost too much to take for one person.




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Our December was just wonderful!

Decorating christmas tree, taking walks, eating delicious food, sitting by the fire, celebrating.

It was a year full of miracles, we had a lot of to be thankful for and be happy about.

And you can see what happens when I try to get my kids pose for Xmas Card….