Happy Birthday Esme!

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4-up on 5-26-15 at 10.18 PM (compiled)4-up on 10-27-15 at 12.08 PM #5 (compiled)4-up on 8-20-15 at 5.04 PM #5 (compiled)4-up on 9-12-15 at 4.11 PM (compiled)4-up on 9-2-15 at 4.24 PM #5 (compiled)4-up on 1-5-16 at 4.33 PM #9 (compiled)4-up on 1-5-16 at 4.43 PM #5 (compiled)4-up on 1-20-16 at 3.29 PM #9 (compiled)4-up on 1-11-16 at 3.55 PM (compiled)4-up on 1-11-16 at 3.57 PM #13 (compiled)4-up on 2-9-16 at 3.30 PM #9 (compiled)4-up on 5-21-16 at 10.19 AM (compiled)4-up on 4-10-16 at 9.48 AM #9 (compiled)Esme has been with us for a year now! What a journey! She gives us so much joy and laughs! I love how stubborn and nervous she is. I love how fearless she is, how she follows her big brother, how she fights him and plays with him. I love how curious and adventures she is.  She has more teeth than hair, and she wakes up at 6 am everyday, but everyday she welcomes us with big smile on her face. I love you Esmeralda Liliana Micali!


PS. Please be aware. These pictures are not edited. They are raw life. On most of them I was before shower or two days after it;)

Happy Birthday Cecilia!

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Three; it’s the magic number.

Ceceilia, Jimmy and Teo have known each other almost since day one, three years ago. They spend rainy days and sunny days together. Their moms and I go through the good times and bad times. During motherhood’s hard times when you need someone you can trust and be honest with, we have each other. I can’t imagine the last three intense years of my life without them. I’m truly grateful for having them in my life.

These pictures are documentation of a fun time celebrating Ceceilia’s third birthday. They are also a record of three friends which have shared their young lives together and who are the basis of a special bond between three moms.