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I’m a fond of harsh, sunset light, so is Teo and his brown, huge eyes:D

And I absolutely love when during these 5 calm minutes during day they hug and play together…



Fun in Central Park

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The beauty of my job is that I smile a lot during it. First when I photograph family time in the park. Then when I edit pictures and I see all those happy faces and beautiful moments I was able to capture. And then in the end when I receive emails with all those kind words from my happy clients. Wait. They are not my clients, they’re my friends. After every photo shoot I feel like I gained new friend. I mean, what can be a better job than that?



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What do you get when you run around with your old camera and an expired color film? Fun!Fun!Fun!

I love getting my contact sheets and after a while, sometimes weeks, finding out what I got, see pictures with a fresh eye and be transfered back into these moments. For me it’s more exciting than see photos just after I shot them. Then I am already tired with the subject and I can’t get as enthusiastic as I want to. But the thrill of getting pictures from the lab or after developing them in darkroom, after waiting, doing all this work is so much fun! Hard to call it work!