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I’m a fond of harsh, sunset light, so is Teo and his brown, huge eyes:D

And I absolutely love when during these 5 calm minutes during day they hug and play together…



Happy Birthday Esme!

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4-up on 5-26-15 at 10.18 PM (compiled)4-up on 10-27-15 at 12.08 PM #5 (compiled)4-up on 8-20-15 at 5.04 PM #5 (compiled)4-up on 9-12-15 at 4.11 PM (compiled)4-up on 9-2-15 at 4.24 PM #5 (compiled)4-up on 1-5-16 at 4.33 PM #9 (compiled)4-up on 1-5-16 at 4.43 PM #5 (compiled)4-up on 1-20-16 at 3.29 PM #9 (compiled)4-up on 1-11-16 at 3.55 PM (compiled)4-up on 1-11-16 at 3.57 PM #13 (compiled)4-up on 2-9-16 at 3.30 PM #9 (compiled)4-up on 5-21-16 at 10.19 AM (compiled)4-up on 4-10-16 at 9.48 AM #9 (compiled)Esme has been with us for a year now! What a journey! She gives us so much joy and laughs! I love how stubborn and nervous she is. I love how fearless she is, how she follows her big brother, how she fights him and plays with him. I love how curious and adventures she is.  She has more teeth than hair, and she wakes up at 6 am everyday, but everyday she welcomes us with big smile on her face. I love you Esmeralda Liliana Micali!


PS. Please be aware. These pictures are not edited. They are raw life. On most of them I was before shower or two days after it;)

Simple moments

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It can be really hard… really, really hard…

Sleepless nights, lots of crying, whining, and screaming (on both sides:))

Days full of “NO!” . Nights full of “Whahhh”

Constant testing, checking my limits.

No break, no eating time, no coffee time…no me-time.

But, then there is this quite moment, when we lay in bed, we sing for the hundredth time “wheels on the bus” and he gives me a hug and whispers to my ear “I love you mommy”.

And there, I’m melting, I’m crying, I’m smiling, all at once.

The love, the gratitude, the happiness in this simple moment is almost too much to take for one person.

behind the curtin


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They say when you have a baby everything changes, life as you knew it is over.

I didn’t see that change until now. It’s not how your everyday life changes but how your relationships change with everyone you know.

Everyone treats  you, and thinks of you, differently; your husband, family, friends, those with and those without kids.

You’re a mom now. You in the mommy club and now you hang out talking about diaper rash, teething, and naps. “Babies” is a never ending topic.

At the same time you’re off the “I need a talk” list, the “Let’s get a drink” list, and the “What’s my friend doing?” list. Your friends without kids are sure you don’t have time, energy or a sitter, and that all you’re interested in is kids.

Your family, your husband, your friends all they see is your baby; they don’t see you anymore.

And you feel that way about yourself too!

And that’s what’s so hard for me.

I feel like I’m behind this curtain.

I’m always there, but no one sees me.

I know Teo sees me. I’m center of his world. And the way he looks at me melts my heart.

Being a mom is the most beautiful and amazing journey of my life.

I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have him. I can’t imagine my life without him.

I just wish people would remember that I am here.

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Hidden mothers in Victorian portraits


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I wish he could stay like this forever.. This is the best time in my life.

 In few days I go to Poland for a month so I will be back with more work for my personal projects and  family photo shoot of my best friend since kinder garder, who got the baby right before me! How exciting!


Little Teo

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2013.05.Teo.Day2. (41 of 45)

Here is our Little Teo.

What can I say?

We’re totally in love.

Królu mój, ty śpij, ty śpij, a ja, Królu mój, nie będę dzisiaj spał. Kiedyś tam będziesz miał dorosłą duszę, Kiedyś tam, kiedyś tam … Ale dziś jesteś mały jak okruszek, Który Los rzucił nam. Skarbie mój, ty śpij, ty śpij, a ja, Skarbie mój, do snu ci będę grał. Kiedyś tam będziesz spodnie miał na szelkach, Kiedyś tam, kiedyś tam … Ale dziś jesteś mały jak muszelka, Którą Los rzucił nam. [-murmurando-] Kiedyś tam będziesz miał dorosłą duszę, Kiedyś tam, kiedyś tam … Ale dziś jesteś mały jak okruszek, Który Los rzucił nam.



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Have you ever tried to tell someone your dream but there was no words to describe it?

Like, whatever you said it didn’t make sense, but you remember your dream so well and you can see it so clear in your head.

That’s how my feelings are.

They are there. I can feel them, but when I try to explain them there is no words to do that.

Words can’t reflect what I feel. I don’t know what can. Stories, sometimes…

I think that’s why I photograph. I search for these stories, for these moments which will reflect my feelings.

And when I see them they are so clear and obvious. And I can’t believe I couldn’t get it before.

The only problem is that it takes time.

And what happens when you don’t have it?