Fun in Central Park

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The beauty of my job is that I smile a lot during it. First when I photograph family time in the park. Then when I edit pictures and I see all those happy faces and beautiful moments I was able to capture. And then in the end when I receive emails with all those kind words from my happy clients. Wait. They are not my clients, they’re my friends. After every photo shoot I feel like I gained new friend. I mean, what can be a better job than that?


This moment is more precious than you think

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A couple of weeks ago I spent a gorgeous Sunday afternoon with this lovely family. When we were walking through the park we found this written on the pavement, ” This moment is more precious than you think”. It’s such a perfect quote for that day. It’s a perfect quote for everyday. That’s why I’m a photographer; to capture these moments, so after they pass, you can always come back to them.

Extra minute


These three pictures demonstrate 3 different moments of the same situation. One of the masters in ICP said that it’s good to wait in group shoots. So I did.

In first picture kids are getting on the tree and goofing around.

In second picture they were ask by parents and other photographer to smile to the camera.

Here no one was watching them, photographer left and I just stood there and waited for a moment.

I lost few kids but I think it was worth it.



Juz niedlugo, za chwil pare bede w naszej kochanej stolicy z aparatem i torba klisz.

Tak wiec zapraszam wszystkich chetnych i zainteresowanych na sesje zdjeciowa!

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Zareczynowa, dziecieca, brzuszkowa, rodzinna, a moze buduarowa. Co tylko wam sie zamarzy!

Juz 16 Czerwca wylosuje zwyciezce!

Czekam na propozycje i pomysly!

Juz nie moge sie doczekac!


Short stories. Family.


My mom (in law) in her apartment in Brooklyn Heights. My mom is super cool woman and her apartment reflects her personality. She has great style. Everything she owns is so unique and interesting.  She has always good stories to tell, books to read, and clothes I want to wear:) I think she is one of my best friends here. We can always meet for lunch, a drink, or shopping and I always have fun with her. I got lucky to have such an amazing mom in law.

I was wondering.. If I was still in Poland, if I didn’t meet Mike, if I wasn’t crazy enough to do all the things I did, would I be the same person? Would I be an artist, a photographer, a wife? (There is no way that on this Earth there is a man as naive as Mike who would marry me:)). I’ve learned so much about myself, sometimes the hard way. Suddenly I had to know what I wanted to do, where I wanted to be, what my goals were, and find a way to do it. I have a feeling that if I stayed in Warsaw I wouldn’t be able to follow my dreams. I wouldn’t have enough courage, which I have now only thanks to Mike. I wouldn’t have the possibility to go to school, meet all these great photographers and learn from them, and what is most important, find and develop my own voice as a photographer. Here being unique, different, and having your own style is a plus. In Pl is not quite the same. Over there most people don’t encourage you, support, give you advice or help. They only know how to criticize and put you down. It’s already hard to believe in yourself when you see all these amazing pictures everywhere done by everyone but you. And then hearing all this negativity… It just hurts that this is the way people choose to live there. They need to improve their self- esteem by insulting others. I am kind of glad I am out of there. I am not strong enough like some of my friends to keep going in spite of this. Here I am given advice, support, ideas, and help. It’s just nice when you can talk to someone and hear constructive, productive, and helpful advice. Even people with big names don’t behave like they’re gods of photography. You can always talk to them over a coffee or just email and they will always find a minute to give you something back. Just because that’s the way people are here. I like it.